Melodic Vintage Rock


Gandert likes vintage. 60/70ies style vintage to be exact. The clothes, the cars, but especially the rock music. Inspired by ie. Pink Floyd, Focus, Santana and Yes Gandert makes ‘Melodic Vintage Rock’. A blend of progressive/psychedelic/classic-rock which focusses on melody and musical arrangements instrad of vocals/lyrics. Guitar is Ganderts  main intrument, but on his recordings he plays every instrument himself, like the Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes piano, bass guitar, drums and vocals. Just like in the old days only original instruments and amps are used, no digital stuff!


When he was a teenager a passion grew for 60/70ies rock music and the instruments from that era. Of course it’s easier to just go with the flow, but Gandert chooses nót to do that. He goes his own way and has his own logic. While friends were out partying, Gandert has his own blast at home making music and exploring the instruments he just bought, both musically and technically. Mostly guitar, bass and electro-mechanical keyboards like the Fender Rhodes, Hohner Clavinet en Hammond organ. As a musician it’s important to interact with the instrument you play. This is only possible when you play an actual instrument, not digital samples. Gandert uses this interaction when he composes and records to get inspiration out of. This way he keeps the vintage rock music spirit alive.


The preservation of the vintage rock music and authentic instruments are more than a passion for Gandert, it’s a mission. In the digital world of today this is far from obvious anymore. The digital way of life also found its way into the music industry long ago and is turning more generic and lifeless every day. Gandert’s mission goes beyond just making music. Besides playing vintage instuments he also repairs them professionally with his business Vintage Instrument Service. The music and instruments that have given us so much joy and inspiration and really was a foundation for todays music must be preserved.

You can definately hear the passion is Ganders music and if you’re into vintage rock music he songs will blow your socks of and give a real nostagic feel.